MDS v3.0 not installing most apps

Hi. It appears that MDS is not deploying my Catalina-based workflow correctly. It installs the OS & certain applications just fine, the majority it is failing to install. I’m using MDS v3.0 along with Mac OS 10.15.6 (Catalina).

I does install Office 2019, the Office licensing, & Brackets correctly… but only those.

Other apps like Firefox, Android Studio, Jing, etc are not installing despite no errors occurring (except for maybe in a log file someplace which I have not been able to find).

MDS packaged all with error or warning. Some of the apps not installed started out in both .pkg & .dmg format.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!


Did you figure this out?

Is it possible you are using a disk image instead of the .app or package? Try just putting the .app in the packages folder and MDS will package it up for you.