MDS wants to delete com.twocanoes.macdeploystick folder

Hi All,

MDS (Version 1.3.1 (8443)) wants to delete the resource folder all the time “~/Library/Application Support/com.twocanoes.macdeploystick/” even when the “Imagr” is actual.

In the momnet I locked the folder so MDS cannot delete it. So I was able to save the worklofs to volume/diskimage. Now I get a Warning that MDS cannot delete the folder. (see screenshot)

It occurs on every click in the app. Clearing teh resource cache and redownloading the resource didn’t helped at all. I also tried to resinstall 1.3.1, but it didn’t worked as well

That issue is resolved in 1.4 which is scheduled to go into beta this week and released about a week after that.