MDS + Winclone Package


I have Winclone Pro and am attempting to integrate a Bootcamp package created from it with MDS. When I try creating the flash drive, I encounter an error that states that there isn’t enough space on the destination drive, even though there is. The total size of all of the files are about 33 GB and the flash drive is 64 GB. When I manually copied the Bootcamp package to a flash drive with a previously created MDS workflow on it and attempted to run it on a client, it displays the following error when it attempts to process the Winclone Bootcamp package:

Error: The specified file is not a valid product archive (//Volumes/MDS/link/to/package…)
Please see the usage guide for more information.

Has anyone had any luck integrating a Winclone package with MDS successfully?

Thanks in advance.


DId you follow this article? It requires Winclone Pro 7.3.3 and MDS 1.5.


Thanks for the link. I went through it and realized I needed to use the beta verson of Winclone and that allowed me to build the flash drive. For the actual install, I needed to upgrade the computer to High Sierra for MDS to install both Mojave and the Bootcamp package successfully. I was previously attempting to install it on a Yosemite computer and I believe that’s why the package installation was failing.

Glad it worked! Thanks for post!