Migrate a real PC to BootCamp

I recently bought a Winclone 8 license (standard), in order to migrate a physical PC to BootCamp on a iMac (2019 machine with Catalina).
I tried to follow the procedure described here : https://twocanoes.com/knowledge-base/migrating-a-real-pc-to-boot-camp
Steps 1 & 2 are OK : I have the disk, cloned & syspreped from the original PC, removed from it & now attached to the iMac via USB 3.0.
Now my problem is… how to proceed to step 3 ?!

"We are now ready to migrate the PC to Boot Camp.

  1. Select the PC drive in Sources
  2. Select the Boot Camp partition in Destinations
  3. Click Restore to Volume…"

I don’t find the screens showed by the screenshot given for this procedure… are they from a previous version of Winclone ?

Indeed, with the version of Winclone I have, I’m unable to find a function letting me select the external drive of the PC as source and the BootCamp partition as destination to do the job, neither in “Capturing” nor in “Restoring” .

Should I have to first create a image of the PC disk, then restore this image into my Boot Camp partition ?

The external drive should definitely show up in sources if it mounts in the Finder. Do you see it on your desktop?


Yes, the external drive, when connected, is mounted and shown on the desktop.
If I have a look in it from the Finder, I can see the folders “Windows”, “Program Files”, “Program Files (x86)”, etc., so the content is OK.

Then, when I go to WinClone :

  • If I use “Restore Image” from the “Restoring” section, it doesn’t work : WinClone waits for an image, not a volume (“Please select a winclone image”).

  • If I use “Volume to Volume Cloning”, I can indeed select the external volume as source and the BOOTCAMP volume as destination, but when I click on “Clone”, I get the error : “Block Size Mismatch / The source and destination volumes have a different physical block size and Volumle cloning cannot be used. Please create a File-based (WIM) image of the source and restore the image to the destination”.

So, what should I do ?

Ah. Try creating an image and see if you can select the external drive. Save it to an HFS+/Mac volume. Then restore to a new boot camp partition.

Indeed, I was able to fully restore my old Windows 10 PC to the Bootcamp partition of my new Mac.
Bravo Winclone!

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