Migrate Boot Camp to a new Mac


If this question has been answered somewhere else I apologize but I couldn’t find it addressed anywhere. After upgrading to High Sierra, I will be purchasing a new high end iMac. I’m going from a late 2013 MacBook Pro. I have a Boot Camp partition running Windows 10. I did the free upgrade from Win 7 so reinstalling from disc will be a hassle plus there is the always fun experience of dealing with MS. I will no longer have access to the MacBook Pro when I get the iMac so I will be restoring everything from external drives. I do have an external Superdrive if that makes the transition easier. Which Winclone version do I need to be able to do that?

Rick H

Winclone 6 Standard will be able to save a clone and restore it, but it will depend on the drivers if it will boot. I would do a file based backup and a Winclone image, then run sysprep in Windows. Take another Winclone image of the SysPrep’ed volume. Then when you get the new iMac, try restoring the sysprep’ed version and verify that it boots.