Migrate bootcamp to T5 SSD


Need some helps.
Hardware : MacbookPro 15 Retina Late 2013, HighSierra and Samsung 500GB T5 USB.

Manage to restore my bootcamp partition to external SSD (samsung T5) , but when i bootup from the SSD it stays in the busy loop ( blue cricle).
Question : Do i need to delete my existing bootcamp in the internal SSD ?

Have followed the articles and KB blog, and use regedit to set the registery from 10 to 14.
Playing around with different setting for months, without any success…appreciate any hints or tips to get it working… thank you!


I have that external drive, and I know it works well with a 2017 MBP and Windows 10. I suspect it has something to do with the firmware in the 2013 MacBook Pro.


I also have problem with T5. When i used winclone image to install it to T5 it worked well, when i used bootcamp to clone windows to this drive it tries to boot but then reboots to macos. Cloning happens with no errors.

Thanks for the info…
Yup, confirmed… follow your method to clone my Dell Aurora Win10 and boot nicely with the macbook pro.
Bootcamp safe mode boot with T5 is working as well…must be the bootcamp drivers…
Found a justification to upgrade to macbookpro 2018… Case closed.

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