Migrate my bootcamp to a external drive

I try to migrate my bootcamp to a external thunderbolt drive with a same IMac. It is successfully cloned but I cannot boot up. It can just launch to windows but many error

MacOS: Monterey 12.2
MacBook Pro - 16" Model:MVVJ2LL/A
External SSD: Samsung Portable SSD T7 1TB
Winclone: version 10

What has been done so far:

Made the external SSD formatted in MS-DOS (Fat).
Make apple bootcamp wizard, install windows 10
Complete install drivers
Reg edit BootDriverFlags” to 14 (Hex).
Run Sysprep
Make image winclone10
Restored image into the external SSD
Boot windows 10 external
Error, automatically reboot again

What is the error message?

In my try to restore my internal win10 Bootcamp, I found that Winclone probably has issues restoring the partition to a clean ExFAT target disk?

Apple warns that partioning should always be made with Bootcamp assistant, never use Windows tools for this.
This indicates that partitioning is special for Bootcamp!

It went much better starting with the Bootcamp assistant to partition the drive, and THEN applying the restore to the drive with Winclone 8.

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