Migrate to New Macbook

I am testing a restore to a new Macbook Pro.

I know I need to restore my Time Machine back up, but not sure of the next steps.

Since this Macbook Pro is new, there’s no BootCamp installed. Should I create the bootable partition, and then restore the Winclone backup? Do I need to perform the complete fresh install of BootCamp and install a fresh copy of Windows 10 before the restore so the partition boots normally?

The backup computer is a fresh out of the box Macbook Pro, which is testing for my primary Macbook Pro. Since Apple doesn’t allow us to swap drives, I have to have a whole backup laptop. Great for Apple, sucks for me. If something goes wrong, I need to be able to restore to the backup laptop.

Hopefully this is clear. Thanks!!!

This article lists the process: