Migrate Win10 from Early 2013 MBP to 2016 MBP

Using Winclone 6.1.5 (17384) I created a sysprep’d Windows 10 image on an external drive.

Knowing how different the architectures & driver groups likely are for the current Early 2013 MBP and the target 2016 MBP, I expect some challenges.

Created a 500GB FAT partition on the 2016 MBP. Then used Winclone to restore the sysprep’d image to this new partition.

When I try to boot of the Windows 10 OS, I get blue screened and asked about recovery. I think the specific error noted is ‘0xc00000bb’.

How feasible is it to migrate Windows 10, via Winclone, from an Early 2013 MBP to a 2016 MBP?

Just to close the loop on this.

Most expedient way to workaround this was a full re-install of Windows 10 + apps.

Mildly painful and didn’t really exercise Winclone at all.

But, at least have working bootcamp instance on 2016 MBP.


Sorry it didn’t work. Let me know the make and model of the drive (a link to amazon would be awesome). We are compiling a list of drives that work / don’t work. Did you install Windows on the external drive?


Actually, the external drive wasn’t an issue AFAIK.

The restore to the SSD on the 2016 MacBookPro is what seems to have failed.

Sadly, I don’t have the original BootCamp install intact any longer…already erased and re-imaged for sending back.

Would you expect that a sysprep’d Win 10 install would migrate via Winclone from Early 2013 model to 2016 model?

Yes, it should have been able to migrate it.