Migrate Win7 Pro 64bit to new Imac

I have a 2014 Macbook Pro with Mojave that I want to migrate to a new 2019 Imac with much larger internal drives.
I assume that Mac partition can easily move via Migration Assistant. True?
Is it even possible using Winclone 8 to clone/restore to migrate the Win7 volume onto a new Bootcamp partition on the new Imac.
If so, what are the steps to accomplish this?

The new Macs do not support Windows 7 (and MS has dropped support for it is as well). I recommend either running in a VM like VMWare Fusion or upgrading to Windows 10 (if that is possible for you).


I have Win10 on an external SSD. However, for my Quicken financial programme (Win 32 bits), I use CrossOver, based on Wine. The CrossOver team created a 64 bit version to work under Catalina. It was delivered in December and, to date, it has been flawless. Truly a jewel of programming and a great solution for running a Wine based emulator in MacOS 64 bits.

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