Migrating Bootcamp to another disk

Hi friends,

I need Windows 7 in my old MacPro. I have three disks in there: one SSD with three partitions GUID OsX Journaled (two boot with El Capitan and Mountain Lion and the other one is for data). I tried to install Bootcamp Windows in my SSD, but it was refused because “the disk was already partitioned with another software”. So, I have no chance but installing OSX in one of the other disks and install Bootcamp Windows. Since that´s a working disk for my music, once Windows was installed I erased the OSX from that disk, formatted the OSX partition portion and restored the original data that was there previously. My question is: Can I now make an image of the working Bootcamp and deployed in the DATA partition of my SSD? If yes, what can I do to make it work if anything should be additionally done.? Peace! Juan de Marcos

It definitely should work with Winclone. Make sure the disk has a GPT (Guid Partition Table) and create the windows partition as FAT32, and then you will be able to restore to the FAT32 volume (and it will be converted to NTFS and made bootable on restore).