Migrating from 2015 to 2020 iMac - WinPEDrivers

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else had trouble migrating their Bootcamp partition using the create/restore image feature in Winclone 8 and Windows 10. My old/current iMac is a 2015 one with Windows on the internal HDD and I hoped I could clone/move it to the 2020 iMac internal SSD I just bought. However, up restoring the image to the partition created via the Bootcamp utility all I get is the Windows symbol then a blue screen with nothing on it for a few seconds and it will shut down.

I did read up that I would likely need to do a SysPrep, which I eventually managed to do after removing all the Windows Store Apps it didnt like and then created the image right after. There is a chance I forgot to select the generalise option, but could there be anything else I haven’t done correctly?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So I have made some progress as after doing another restore from another image I now get the bluescreen/need to repair your PC/inaccessible_boot_device type error.

Now I have read up on this and half expected it, the trouble is now I can’t for the life of me get it to inject the drivers as DISM just says “Error 2: Unable to access the image”. At first, I thought it was because it there no WinPEDriver folder, so I copied that on to the install USB from the Bootcamp Drivers folder, but same result. I then found a post on here where someone had moved the Apple drivers into an AppleDrivers folder and wrote a bat file to do the DISM part, but still same result :frowning:

Any able to help on this? Else I will have to give up on Winclone I fear :frowning:

Just another quick update, probably more for my sake. I later realised that Winclone 8 has the option to inject drivers into the bootcamp partition, which I believe is meant for the 2020 T2 iMacs. However, I tried this with the WinPEDriver folder that’s in Bootcamp Driver (Windows Support) folder but it kept saying no compatible driver found.

Back to the DISM method…I wonder if it’s complaining about D:\ as the image or the WinPEDriver folder…I will try see if I can inject the drivers into the post sysprep WIM image instead…

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Usually the blue screen will have an error message on it. Try taking a video when it happens then scrubbing to the part where it shows the blue screen.


I got my 2020 iMac and identified the driver issue. It should now inject the SSD driver correctly. Download build 48143 or later from https://bitbucket.org/twocanoes/winclone-beta/downloads/