Migrating iMac 2017 Windows 10 pro Bootcamp to Samsung T5 External SSD


I’ve purchased Winclone in the hope to upgrade my Bootcamp to a new Samsung T5 external SSD.

I’ve used the Volume to Volume Cloning and managed to see the EFI Boot at the startup option.
Also managed to boot into the EFI Boot. Thereafter, I’ve set it to be the startup disk and restarted the iMac.
It booted with the windows booting screen (assuming it has auto booted the EFI Boot), and then after a while, screen flashes a couple of times in black and then turn into solid blue. It auto-restarts after a while and this keeps going on until I press ‘option’ to activate the startup disk selection.

I’ve purchased Winclone hoping for a smooth migration to my new external SSD.
Please advise what I can do to resolve this. It is getting frustrating that the process is not as smooth sailing as what Winclone had claim to be.

It will be extremely helpful if Winclone can provide a proper step-by-step guide for migrating bootcamp to external drive as it seems that this is a very common issue that is being raised in the forum. Winclone should also list down the compatible external SSD so that consumers can make the right purchase.

Thank you!

We have that exact article and we list the models of SSD we have tested:



Hi, Tim —
A few weeks ago I worked with you to support doing what this thread is about (2018 MacBook Pro and Samsung PRO850 external SSD), which ended unsuccessfully — unable to clone (“conflicting block size”) and unable to archive/restore. I stopped after a few days of efforts (and after receiving your offer of a refund path).

The document you link is re: using Winclone 7 to do it, and is dated last October. Has something changed recently to allow using the Clone function? I’d still love to migrate my WIN10 off of my internal SSD — is there something special about the Samsung T5 drive that makes this work? I’ll happily purchase one if it will actually work.

Please advise.
Thx, Bruce

Nothing that would affect what we did. However, the new Winclone 8.2 beta is able to inject some drivers and I am hopeful that we can enable some logging to identity what drivers are causing issues and inject them.