Migrating to new SSD, same hardware. Before I take my original HDD out, can I check something

Hi, I have a 2009 MacBook Pro with a Bootcamp partition running 32bit Windows 7. I’d like to replace the HDD with an SSD.

I’ve connected the new SSD via an HDD dock connected by USB.

I’ve created the partitions using Disk Utilities with the new Bootcamp partition formatted using MS FAT.

I’ve used SuperDuper to copy the Mac partition.

I used Winclone 6 to copy the Bootcamp partition to the new partition.

When I restart the MacBook and hold the option key I can see the new Mac OS partition on the docked SSD and I can boot from that. However the Windows bootcamp Partition isn’t visible. This feels like the new partition isn’t bootable. Have I done something wrong and what can I do to make the Windows partition bootable?


Windows 7 doesn’t work well with external booting. We never could get it to boot reliably and recommend that external booting always be Windows 10.

I know you are not going to externally boot after the replacement is done, but checking it will involve putting in the new drive. Since you have the old drive, you’ll know you can go back to it if needed.

Make sense?

Makes sense. Swapped the drives and now all working well. Possible to boot from both partitions which are visible after pressing option key at start up.