Migrating Windows 10 to a 13″ MacBook Pro (2020) with Winclone 8

Hi everyone,

Just did the “Migrating Windows 10 to a 16″ MacBook Pro (2019) with Winclone 8” tutorial, but when I boot from the USB key, my Mac keyboard is not recognized and I cannot press fn+F10 to access the command line.
Any advise?
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PS: here is what I have in the AppleDrivers folder on my USB key:

You can try and get it recognized with drivers, but the easiest fix is to just plug in an external keyboard and press F10.


Hi Tim,
thanks for the quick followup.
Actually I did try to connect an external keyboard (a native Mac Keyboard, and a Windows keyboard) via USB, but nothing happens.
(for info, when I connect a mouse via USB, the pointer appears).
Any idea where I can find the missing drivers?
Note: as you can see from the snapshot I sent you on the initial post, some folders are missing compared to the ones in the tutorial video (I don’t know why, as they come from the BootCamp’s “WinPEDriver” folder downloaded from the bootcamp assistant).
Thanks for your help,

Hi Tim,
Did you get a chance to review my last answer? I’m still stuck trying to recover my Bootcamp session …

Try downloading bombardier:

It should help you download all the drivers.