Misleading purchase recommendation of basic edition


i read this article on your support page:

Then downloaded your software and tried to load my bootcamp partition onto the external SSD. I was then asked to choose one of your purchasing possibilities and I chose the basic edition for $20.
As i recognised later, i would have been able to download the standard edition, with which i could have performed this task, from the website for the same prize today.
I then tried to load my bootcamp partition onto the external SSD again. But I only got the failure text, that this would only be possible with the standard or pro edition. I’m very upset about that, as there was no warning before. Neither when i was buying the basic software for exactly this process, nor on your support page (see above). The only option left right now is to upgrade to the standard edition, which again costs me $20.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this really as it seems to me? I’m looking forward to receiving your help.

Daniel Ostermeier


If you want to upgrade to Winclone Standard, I will refund the difference so you will only pay the discounted price advertised on our web site today.

If that is acceptable, will you send me a private message with the email address that you used to purchase Winclone Basic? That way I will be sure of finding your purchase.


PS Thanks for the tip about giving folks a warning.

I have exactly the same complaint as mr daniel ostermeier. Firstly I bought the BASIC and if I wanted the RESTORE got exactly the same prompt: upgrade to STANDARD. I did it because I needed it. I also paid twice. So I hope to get the first amount back.
I’m awaiting your answer. Many Thanks.

I’ll process your refund request. You can always go here and request the refund for a mistaken purchase:


just select “refund” from the dropdown menu. That link is in the footer as well under “refunds”.