Missing apps after deploy/Computernames

macOS, MDS 1.9, created a workflow with some apps and packages. Additional Computername „M-{{Serial-Number}}“ and Prompt enabled. Created Disk Image, put it on a synology network share.

After restoring an iMac 18,2 the computer name is correct, it’s the serial number. All apps and packages are there.

After restoring the same workflow to a Trashcan MacPro D700 the Computername is „{{Computer-Name}}“ and at least one app from the resources is missing. How can this be? Especially the missing app is an issue for us.

We didn’t bought a support ticket yet, but if this helps to enhance MDS in the future, we will.

If you check out /var/log/install.log, it should tell you why it the package wasn’t supported.

And yes, purchasing support always helps :slight_smile: