Missing Bootmgr; cannot boot Win10 image

-EDIT- I got it working; see reply #2 but leaving all of this for anyone searching the same issue in the future.

Trying to image an existing Windows 10 installation into a bootcamp partition; using WinClone 7. The screenshots on the tutorial look like they’re from an older version, so I’ve been guessing my way through this.

What I’ve tried:
I have a cloned image of my Windows 10 installation; ran SysPrep on PC, tried to do Volume to Volume cloning and this failed.

I booted Windows 10 from a USB drive on the MacBook and it ran just fine; so I booted back into Mac OS Mojave and created an “Image from Volume” in Winclone. I then restored this image to my bootcamp partition and got the “missing bootmgr” error.

Next step, I booted back into Windows 10 via USB and ran SysPrep on the drive again, went back into Mac OS and created a Winclone image of the drive in this state. I then restored this version of the image to my bootcamp partition. Once again I get the missing bootmgr error.

I then booted into a recovery disk for Windows 10 and opened a command prompt to rebuild the BCD; it finds the windows installation but the rebuild option then fails saying it can’t access the drive.

Any ideas?

Ok, sorry everyone, within 2 seconds of posting this I found the answer I believe.

My cursor just happened to scroll across one of the top menus and I saw “Make EFI Bootable” briefly appear.

So, I went back into that selection, and then found the menu for making my Bootcamp partition EFI bootable. Restarted, whaddya know, it works.

It took me right into the Windows 10 setup screen from the SysPrep image.

Ok, one more, just to clarify exactly what I did to clone a PC drive to my bootcamp partition.

  1. Cloned PC drive to external SSD.
  2. Boot PC from external USB drive.
  3. Run SysPrep on external USB drive.
  4. Connect external USB drive to Macbook; In Winclone 7, select “Create Image From Volume”, selecting external USB as the source. I saved the image to my “downloads” folder in Mac OS so that it wouldn’t try to upload to iCloud.
  5. Create Bootcamp partition.
  6. In Winclone, select “Restore Image”; select the Winclone image created in step 4 as the source, select bootcamp partition as the destination.
  7. After “Restore Image” completes, select “Tools” from the menu bar, select “Make EFI Bootable”, and select the Bootcamp partition.
  8. Restart Macbook, boot into Bootcamp partition. Complete windows setup.

Anyway, I spent hours last searching the forum, the google, and scratching my head. maybe this will help someone down the road.

Back once again; Windows is working fine, but when I try to boot it inside Parallels, I get the missing bootmgr error again.

If anyone knows how to fix that I’d love to hear it. The whole purpose of all of this was to run one specific program from my windows PC within parallels on my MacBook. Thanks