Monterey MDS 4.0

I am using a new 2021 Macbook Pro M1 but this is happening on a 2021 iMac i9 as well where putting Monterey on them, MDS is no longer naming the computer, it will prompt for it at the beginning of running and on prior computer pickup the name I used before, but no longer will name them when imaging them with Monterey. The name that it is given is the usual “iMac” or “MacBook -Pro” Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

We just released 4.1. I believe that issue is resolved in 4.1


Hi Dan,

Can you elaborate on how you pass the previous name?

“and on prior computer pickup the name I used before”


I updated to 4.1 and made a new dmg and it’s still not setting the name that I am putting at the beginning of imaging the computer still giving the computer the generic “iMac” or “MacBook-pro” any additional advice would be greatly apriciated.

NVTS - I thought this was MDS doing this? I don’t have any scripts doing this, all my scripts run after MDS is finished.

Is this intel or M1? The way MDS works is that it puts the computer name specified in NVRAM and then pulls it out when running the workflows. Also, what version of macOS?


Thank you for getting back to me Tperfitt, this is happening on Intel and M1, The version of macOS that I am using is Monterey 12.0.1. This has only started happening since I rebuilt everything to start updating computers to 12.0.1. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or if you need any more additional information please let me know thank you.

Hello, After doing some research all the other images work with naming the computer except when imaging with Monterey, I looked in the MDS and double-checked that the workflow is set up correctly like the others and it is. Set to prompt for computer name like all the other workflows. It does prompt at the beginning of the imaging but after it finished running the image the computer is not named correctly this is happening on Intel and M1. Thanks for all the help!

OK, I’ll have my QA person look into it and see if we can replicate.


I was able to prompt and set the computer name in my test workflow. Can you email with your workflow and I try to replicate the issue with your options?