Move boot camp partition to external thunderbolt 3 SSD failed

I use Winclone 8 to created a image from boot camp partition of my MBP 17 with Touch Bar. Then I restore this image to my HP P800 external drive. Everything seems fine until I boot that drive and a 0xc0000225 error occurred. Anyone have any idea about this? Thanks.

That error message means that the boot loader start up, found the BCD file on the EFI partition which pointed to the external drive, but Windows could not find it. It is most likely caused by Windows not having the driver to recognized the bus that the HP P800 external drive is on. Is it USB?


It’s a thunderbolt 3 external drive, probably with a HP custom controller and NVME SSD inside. I am not sure if this drive support USB3. Both of windows and Mac are up to date.

I have a X5 T3 drive and it doesn’t work on all of our test Macs:

Do you mean I can’t use Winclone on either usb or thunderbolt external drives?

Winclone will work fine on both types of drives. However, it depends on the hardware, Windows, and the external drive if Windows will be able to boot externally.


So are you suggesting trying other external drives?

Depends. External booting can tricky. I usually recommend migrating and seeing if it boots. If not, then we can refund your purchase if you bought Winclone for that sole purpose. There are way too many variables outside of our control to provide success for all configurations. We try to work in setups we can test and we share the results of what worked and what didn’t (in the external booting kbase article).


Thank you for your reply. Actually I am quite confident about your product as it seems to be the only one that could do that job in the current market. I would rather wait to see if you could do more test and share the Knowledge, or make any improvements in the future.