Moving an image to a new system without a working Windows

It has been a few years since I last used Winclone to migrate to a new Macbook. I have a Winclone backup, but the system it was created on is dead, so I do not have a working Windows 7 system, just the Winclone backup on an external drive. Since I will need new drivers for the new hardware, I assume I have to run Sysprep. Do I need an active system to run Sysprep or can I run it without an active Windows system? I guess at this point I am confused as to what I need to do and cannot find my old documentation. The Winclone backup was taken with 3.7 and I now have 4. Hardware is going from a Macbook Pro 2009 to a Macbook Pro mid 2012. Backup was on a Yosemite 10.5 system and new system is also Yosemite 10.5. I did create a partition 2 GB larger than old Bootcamp, but am unsure of the next steps. Russell Schell helped me 2 years ago, but that time I had two working computers. Can you point me to the documentation so that I can understand what I need to do. thank you

I would try restoring it to the new hardware and see if it works. If not, use a trial version of VMware on the new computer to boot in a VM direct from the boot camp partition, then run sysprep and shutdown in Windows. Restart the Mac and boot into Windows, and sysprep should discover the new hardware.


Tried to restore my saved winclone backup, but I get an error that I have not activated my account key. I have no idea what my account key is. I originally installed 3.7 years ago. I just upgraded it to 4 and did not receive an account key nor do I know how to get one. I did purchase an upgrade at Thanksgiving and do not remember a key and do not see the email. I tried logging into profile but got an error that I had not activated an account. when I tried to activate an account, I got an error that my email had already been used. How do I get out of this look?

Also, I created the new bootcamp just using disk manager (saw this in a Winclone article) and did not use Bootcamp. I seem to remember the last time I migrated with Winclone, I had to download new drivers to use after sys prep. Where do I get those?

Mel Otero

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