Moving to new iMac

I have winclone 8.2 and Windows 10, in Boot Camp, on a 27" iMac with Thunderbolt 2 .

A new 2020 27" iMac is about to be delivered, and that has Thunderbolt 3, of course.

So, the question is simple. Would you recommend just partitioning the new iMac (all SSD based now!), and do a volume to volume clone via a Thunderbolt connection (yes, I realise it will be at Thunderbolt 2 speed, but that’s OK - and I have the adapter!)? I’ll have to redo drivers, etc., as the new machine has the T2 chip, and different CPU and GPU setups. That is well explained elsewhere. I will create a larger partition for Boot Camp on the new iMac, than there is on the older one.

Or is an image clone and migration a better bet - although that will be a much slower process? I will obviously have to redo the support software then, as well - understood!

I just want to know the most reliable, recommended method.

I would recommend saving to an image then restoring it.


OK. Thanks for the answer.

Any reason why you prefer that way, though?

When you do a volume to volume transfer, it uses blocked based imaging which is much faster but less flexible (it can’t restore to a smaller partition) and we seem to get more support for it not completing successfully (though we can’t replicate those issues in house).


Interesting. I would be going to a larger partition. It is always fascinating when it works “in house”, yet users have problems.