Multiple problems with Winclone Standard 7.3.4 (42138)


I recently upgraded to Winclone 7 and have been experiencing many problems with the software.

My system specs are:

MacBook Pro 15" 2018
MacOS 10.14.5
Windows 10 Pro (using Boot Camp), installed using Win10_1903_V1_EnglishInternational_x64.iso
Parallels Desktop, Version 14.1.3 (45485)
Tuxera NTFS Version 2018
Winclone Standard, Version 7.3.4 (42138)

Right after installing Windows 10, I made several clones with Winclone. Of these, only the very first clone is able to be restored to a usable state. All restores result in a damaged Windows installation, which requires Windows to restart and repair itself. Only the first clone is able to be repaired so that it will boot.

Now I have new problems as I cannot get Winclone to even complete clones of the current Boot Camp partition. I have had multiple errors. Note that the current Windows 10 installation is one that was previously imaged and restored by Winclone 7.

Firstly, Winclone’s registry_lookup started crashing. As a troubleshooting step, I have excluded the Boot Camp partition from Tuxera NTFS, and now the registry_lookup crash has stopped.

However, every attempt to run a clone still results in an error, with status 46. I have run chkdsk on the Boot Camp partition multiple times, and the Windows 10 install is working absolutely fine with no issues. Windows 10 is fully shut down. I have tried multiple destination volumes, all of which have also been checked for errors.

Also, it’s not very helpful that after the error 46, Winclone then pops up a window saying that the clone has been completed successfully, when what it has created is a 9 KB file.

I have searched and read all the related threads in the Twocanoes forums, and have not found any solutions…

I think i saw a message from you in support that disabling the tuxera driver helped.


Hi Tim,

Sorry, but your response doesn’t make sense, and doesn’t respond sensibly to the many points in my support request.

Disabling Tuxera NTFS on the Boot Camp partition stopped the registry_lookup crash, but didn’t help with the many issues with failed cloning. Also, the registry_lookup crash wasn’t happening previously with Tuxera NTFS enabled, so clearly there is a bug there in Winclone.

I have now been able to complete clones by turning block-based imaging on in the Winclone preferences. The problem is I can’t trust Winclone as I have been encountering so many errors.

Essentially Winclone is a backup and recovery tool, so stability and reliability is paramount.

I am surprised at the poor quality of many support responses in the Twocanoes support forums. Many responses seem to be fired off without much thought or care.

Sorry that you are not satisfied with Winclone or the service. I will refund your purchase. I’m trying my best.