My bootcamp partition don't boot after restoring WIN10

I started my work on Bootcamp handling by creating a bootcamp WIN 10 Partition with the Mac Bootcamp assistant in Mojave. Then I created an image from that with Winclone 8, I removed the Bootcamp partition with disk utility, created a new exfat partition and restored the image on that. Quite easy like in these videos. But then, when I tried to boot, I got only an error message:


It says: A required device isn’t connected or can’t be accessed. And the mentioned fix is not easily applicable. What to do?

Is this a new Mac? What was the hardware of the old one and the new one? It is possible a driver is required.


Thank you for your prompt answer. For me it was a test how reliable a backup with winclone is and so I took the easyest case. It was my Macbook 2017 on which I created the bootcamp partition and where I made the restoring of the winclone backup. And this failed, not a good sign for the software when even the easyest case does not work.

try Make UEFI Bootable from the Winclone menu

Thank you for your help with this link, but in the meantime I found a workaround to be successful with my test. I made the restoring without update of the BCD. That let Winclone freeze short before completion so that I have to kill the program, but the restored Bootcamp partition could be booted. Again not a good sign for this software.

I use command line version to install Windows a lot of times
sudo /Applications/
and it works perfectly from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 11
I never had any problems

That sounds promising, I will try
Thank you

this way
sudo ln -sf /Volumes/*/sources/install.wim /Applications/
sudo /Applications/ -y -e -p /dev/diskXsY -i N

diskXsY fat32 partition to install
N Windows Edition index
e EFI boot Mode
l legacy MBR mode
sudo /Applications/ -h for more HELP

/Applications/ /Volumes/*/sources/install.wim
to check Windows info
dont forget to attach Windows ISO before doing this