'Need 64-bit Windows or later ISO File' Error in Boot Camp Assistant

I am having an issue where Boot camp assistant gives the error ‘Need 64-Bit Windows or later ISO File’ when I try to create the partition using the ISO generated by Winclone. I have confirmed that my Windows system that the Winclone was made from is Windows 10 64bit formatted as NTFS. How come Boot Camp Assistant is not recognizing it as such? I have searched forums and support pages high and low without any luck regarding insight into this issue.

My current windows system is on a 2012 Macbook Pro running 10.12. I used Winclone 7, which is the most current version that this Macbook will support. The new computer I am trying to run it on is a 2019 Macbook Pro running 10.15.

Are you talking about ISO Converter or Winclone? How are you generating an ISO in Winclone?