Need for independent macOS and autorun variables within workflows

Was looking to have different variables within workflows on an mds volume. Specifically the macOS build and the an autorun workflow variable.

This would be ideal in our environment because it would allow us have a 10.13.x install and a 10.14.x install on the same mds volume.

However, the first issue I encountered is it only allows 1 automatically ran workflow. I discovered this after attempting create a 1013 and a 1014 workflow that was triggered by the name of the volume. For my testing I was using a volume named 1013 and the other named 1014. However, it would only work with one option.

Second issue I would like to inquire about is the workflows do not see to support different macOS installer versions. Ideally, it would be great to have each workflow be able to utilize its own macOS version. For example, if workflow 1 and workflow 2 are created. We are unable to assign a different install build to each workflow. It would be helpful to have a 10.14.3 workflow and a 10.14.5 workflow, with its own macOS build installer assigned to each.


You can definitely select a “per workflow” OS version. This was added a while back. Also, you are correct that the workflows are discrete. MDS doesn’t currently support including one workflow into another, but that could be possible.

I suggest adding the feature request here:

As it is an open source project, priority is based on upvotes, difficulty and how many users it would benefit. If you have a support contract, the request gets pushed to the top of the queue for the next build.