Need to change Winclone 6 licence to Winclone 7 licence


I purchased Winclone6 a couple of days ago to my High Sierra and Sierra machines.

Now when they did not work, as I was browsing on the support site looking for advice, I found out there is a Winclone 7. I checked for updates on Winclone6 when I installed it, but it did not notify of an Winclone7 update nor did I get to see any info on this version as I followed a direct link from the web to purchase version 6.

I tried now to install version 7, but when activating the licence key, it says that I have an invalid licence key. I had deactivated the key and uninstalled Winclone6 by this time.

Can you please help? I would like to install 7 version on both Macs so can you send a new licence key to be used on them.

I already send you an email at support email, but it said to go to the forum for help.

Sorry about that. I checked our support, and it looks like a Winclone 7 license key was sent out to you earlier today.


Hi - I need Winclone 7 License as well.

(Purchased Winclone Standsrd several days ago)

To download software you have purchased from Twocanoes, please visit Create an account using the same email address you used when purchasing the software. Once the account is created, you will have access to all the software you purchased and any license keys associated with the software.

before changing license from winclone 6 to winclone 7, you have to first uninstall the older version, otherwise it will give you a prompt of invalid license key.

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