Need to migrate from high sierra to el capitan (Fixed)

Hi there,

I’ve just paid for winclone 7 standard.
I need some help because i need to migrate a bootcamp partition from a high sierra mac to an el capitan one.

I bought winclone 7 but i need winclone 6 on el capitan.

Is-it possible to get winclone 6 with my key (downgrade my purchase) or I must order another key to winclone 6 and pay again??

thank you

best regards

Nico (french guy)

My issue is fixed,
Thanx to the customer service for their fast answer!
best nico

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Hi Nico. I have the same issue. What was the solution?


To anyone looking. Here’s a solution I found. If you have purchased Winclone 7 you can go to this link and choose a previous version

All the best

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