New User Question - Winclone 9

I have never used Winclone. I have a Bootcamp partition on my iMac (Big Sur 11.2.1) that was about 50GB. I wanted to increase the size of the Bootcamp volume and it was suggested I use Winclone. I downloaded and paid for it, made the clone copy to my hard drive and now don’t know what to do. I open Boot Camp Assistant, it removed the existing Bootcamp partition but then insisted I locate a Windows ISO file before it would proceed (and it does not obviously consider the WinClone file an ISO file).
So how to I proceed. I can’t see a way to get Bootcamp Assistant to make the Windows partition and not sure the safe way to get Disk Utility to do it.
Any help suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

You have to do following:

  • make backup with winclone of existing Bootcamp
  • remove old Bootcamp volume
  • create new Bootcamp volume with Bootcamp Assistant for example
  • it will ask you to reboot but just reboot and go back to MAC
  • run winclone select backup image file and select newly create volume with bigger size etc.
  • winclone will notify you that new volume is bigger which is ok, confit that,
  • restart and you will have new windows with bigger size.

I tried through Bootcamp Assistant but could not find a way to create the new volume without using a Windows 10 ISO (which looked like it would automatically start the install anyway).
I wanted to do it through Disk Utility and eventually figured out the proper way to do it. The clone was copied to the new partition on the drive, I did the installation of the drivers and now everything works fine.

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