No certificates shown iOS 14.6

Using iOS 14.6 with Feitian bR500.

Smart Card Utility connects successfully to the Feitian card reader with smart card inserted. The blue light turns solid briefly. However, no certificates are shown. No prompt for pin occurs.


Also, Smart Card Utility shows PIN attempts remaining: 0; however, I have confirmed on another device the card is not locked as I have used the card for logins.

I was under the assumption that CAC cards are supported. Is this the case?

Any help would be appreciated.

Would appreciate support from the developers and/or community to get this working. Thank you.

The BR500 is a contactless reader (NFC) that communicates with iOS over bluetooth. It communicates with the card using NFC so the card is considered “contactless” and requires additional encryption that isn’t supported. Please try using the bluetooth or USB Feitian reader (the bluetooth one is here: