No documents or folders after Winclone 7 BootCamp Image and Restore

I am moving my Boot Camp Windows 10 from my old iMac to a brand new iMac. I purchased Winclone 7 to perform this move. I created an Image before running SysPrep and another after running SysPrep. I Restored the Image created after SysPrep to my new iMac. After running all the updates and restarts Windows 10 starts fine but I don’t have any of my Documents or Document sub-folders. Also my Desktop has no files. Is there something else I am supposed to run to bring that stuff over? I thought SysPrep was only supposed to remove drivers for the hardware so they could be installed for the new hardware, but it was supposed to copy everything else?

It is possible a new user was created. Try logging out and see if the original user is still there.