No downloads showing on "Download macOS", how can I get them?

Hi. I’m trying to use MDS to create a Catalina image to fix a MacBook Pro that can’t boot from usb.

I’m following the “Getting started with MDS” but there’s nothing on the “Download macOS” section. Is there some configuration on MDS that I can change so the OS downloads appear?

Hey. After several hours of Googling I found a solution. I’ll share it here if it’s of any help for anybody with the same problem.

For macOS up to Catalina, run this command in terminal:

sudo /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --set-catalog

how do i use this? I paste in the terminal, and what am i supposed to do after?

Yes. You should run that on terminal. Then close MDS and open it again. If your problem is the same as mine that should work.

yeah, i pasted that into terminal and then i opened MDS and i still dont get anything in the downloads.