No downloads showing on "Download macOS", how can I get them?

Hi. I’m trying to use MDS to create a Catalina image to fix a MacBook Pro that can’t boot from usb.

I’m following the “Getting started with MDS” but there’s nothing on the “Download macOS” section. Is there some configuration on MDS that I can change so the OS downloads appear?

Hey. After several hours of Googling I found a solution. I’ll share it here if it’s of any help for anybody with the same problem.

For macOS up to Catalina, run this command in terminal:

sudo /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --set-catalog

how do i use this? I paste in the terminal, and what am i supposed to do after?

Yes. You should run that on terminal. Then close MDS and open it again. If your problem is the same as mine that should work.

yeah, i pasted that into terminal and then i opened MDS and i still dont get anything in the downloads.

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Same issue here.
The “Download macOS” section does not get populated anymore.
Running the terminal command like Santiago suggested, doesn’t help.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Any update on how to fix?

This is fixed in the latest build (PreBeta-MDS_Build-36206_Version-3.6.dmg or later):


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Dear Tim,

First off, thank you for this awesome software.

I have updated as you describe, but I still get the same error. I also tried the suggestion from @Santiago

The problem appeared when I updated to 10.15.7. I also rolled up a macbook with Mojave to try there, but it has the same issue.

You were right, I did both, but after a restart, everything is working.

Santiagos fix put me on the beta program at Apple though, so now I am running Big Sur beta :slight_smile:

I have Catalina 10.15.7 and the problem showed up after the .7 update. I am downloading the MDS 3.6 beta and will try that by itself first.

EDIT: I’m not sure which solution fixed it. I didn’t reboot separately. Neither one resolved the problem until after a reboot, at which point I had applied both.

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