No Handlers could be found (Winclone Pro 8.01 and MDS 1.9)

Not sure if this is winclone or MDS but this issue is driving me nuts as it seems to work or not work for no reasons I can find. I’ve created windows installer pkg with Winclone Pro 8.01 I then created a dmg using MDS version 1.9 to install windows 10 pkg as well as the Mojave OS. I’m working with new Mac air’s model a1466 that have Mojave preinstalled.

I imaged 2 fine by opening the box, booting up the mac air, disable SIP, erase hard drive and then mapping to the DMG which is hosted on a windows machine via the mount_smbfs

They both finished without error. The next 2 doing the same steps and accessing the same dmg would error out with the No Handlers found.

The next morning I retried the same steps and they both image, no errors.

I moved on the 5th mac air of the 5pk after having just imaged 2 successfully and I’m back to the same error as before.

The Mac Utilities says version 339.1

Is there anywhere I look to more a clue to what the issue is? I’m about to recaptures one of the air’s that actually imaged to recreate the winclone then the pkg file to see if that helps at all. Any suggestions appreciated.

The /var/log/install.log will have all the details. Make sure you look at it prior to rebooting.


In looking at the install.log this is what I found: I have a 256GB drive installed. I can image the mac os no problem. I can then manually run a windows10 pkg that splits
the drive in half and installs windows 10.

When I try to run an image that does Win and OSx it says data size is file data is 35 GiB and it errors at 97%.

The install.log says Winclone terminating app due to uncaught exception No space left on device.

The full image .dmg file is 21.3gb, the windows pkg by itself is about 14GB

Can you compress the entire log and send to I would like to see all of it.


Thanks, I’ll grab the next one I get, I had to get this one back to the user.