No sound or wifi winclone

I am on a MacBook pro 2020 with touch bar, moving windows from matchbook pro 2015. I created the clone, downloaded the apple drivers, tried installing them and only a few seemed to install. I attached a photo for reference. I tried booting several times into windows (which had most everything except for sound and wifi support) and got an error which read in part “problem accessing apple mobile device”. Please help.

If Windows boots, focus on installing drivers in Windows. The best way I have found to do this is to go into the Boot camp drivers in Windows, and right click on the inf file and select “install”.


ok.Which inf files? Where they can be located?

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Cirrus Logic audio doesnot work at some Mac’s with UEFI Windows
You need to make Windows MBR Legacy Bootable or use advanced ACPI patching like this Dual-Booting Mac OSX and Windows on MacBookPro | Illumination