Not BC: I want to make a bootable backup of a PC's HD

Will WinClone allow me to

a) Attach the hard drive from a PC (not Bootcamp; a Dell or something – NTFS, by the way, not FAT) as a FireWire or USB external drive and

b) Make a .winclone file from it and then

c) Restore from the .winclone to a new NTFS (or completely unformatted) hard drive resulting in

e) A bootable C drive that is a replica of the first?

It is possible, but we have not done much PC-to-PC migration testing. Is it for personal use or are you doing it as part of a IT migration?


Re: [Twocanoes Forum] [Winclone] Not BC: I want to
make a
Personal use. I’m a Mac user; my girlfriend is using a PC
with some hardware issues. I either want to copy her hard drive
to a virtual hard drive and set her up with a Mac with Parallels and
her former PC replicated there, or else migrate all of her files and
settings to a new hard drive and swap it in for the old malfunctioning
one. And overall it’s an ability I’d like to have, it has come
up occasionally in the past.