Not bootable after winclone_helper_tool restore

sudo /Applications/Winclone\ -r -p /dev/disk0s2 -j /Applications/Winclone\ -n ~/Library/Application\ Support/Winclone\ Pro/license -o ~/Documents/Winclone\ Images/UNIV_NX10_2T_v1.10.winclone -z -w

Everything seems to be perfectly with this, but the volume is not bootable at the end.

As a test, try switching between EFI and legacy boot mode in GUI. That will help narrow down if it is a boot-style issue.


Thanks for the help! I was thinking of trying something like that to test.

From the GUI, the image itself works perfectly fine though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just an update on this. If I switch to legacy and back to EFI mode, everything works great. I am attempting to build a bash script for deployment. Is there a fix for this? Starting up the GUI every time defeats the purpose of the cli helper tool…

If you use the packaging feature in Winclone Pro, it includes all the pieces to do this via the command line via the postinstall script. Do you have Winclone Pro?


I do. I haven’t seen the postinstall script. Where is this located?

If you control click on a package that was created with Winclone Pro, and select Show Package Contents, it will be under Contents->Resources.


Yes, I finally dug it up. After tinkering around with stuff in postflight and EFIBCD I finally got a working script!! Thanks for all your help Tim! I really appreciate it!

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great! Thanks for letting me know.