Not working, feeling a bit ripped off

I have a 1 TB drive in a Mac with a Mac partition, a recovery partition, and a BOOTCAMP partition. I formatted my new drive, also a 1 TB dive with the same partition scheme. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to move the Recovery and Mac partition to the new drive without error. But on their tool, they say that cannot move the NTFS windows 7 partition. Your software was recommended.

OK, I just bought your software (not pro), because the free demo does not go far enough to actually get to the point where it fails.

I thought I could just use the clone function, and “move” the existing NTFS Windows partition to the new NTFS partition on the new drive. Nope, that fails almost immediately. It just fails. Would be nice if your software would actually tell us why it fails. Nada.

Off to the docs. OK, I will make an image and then do a restore once the new Bootcamp partition is set up using the Mac. So, off to image the existing NTFS partition. (I did a disk check, it reports no errors.)

So now I am trying to create an image of the original Windows partition. I selected it in the tool, and picked an external 1TB Mac drive to accept the file. The drive I am trying to image is a 750 GB partition about 50% full.

That has been running now for maybe 8 hours, and is only 15% complete! Seriously? Just how long does it take to create an image? Is this normal?

It seems to be stuck at 15% done, “Verifying the integrity of the image”. The task manager shows the program using CPU, and the window seems to be still active. The “15% completed” shows up when I hover over the progress bar (for example.)

Perhaps I wasted my money on this software. Or I am just completely not understanding how to use it.

Open to suggestions on how to accomplish this. If someone has a better way to do this, I am open for suggestions

Thank you

Sorry you are frustrated. Let me see if I can help. Winclone has 2 different modes: Block-based and WIM-based. Block-based is much faster but doesn’t allow you to migrate to Macs with different block sizes, so for compatibility, WIM-based is the default. It clones by copying all the files individually, and is very fast with SSDs. However, with physical disks and the large number of files in Windows, it can take a while but should complete successfully. We could do a better job of explaining this, but since most new Macs have SSDs, we are not seeing this issues as much lately and it is a bit complicated to explain clearly.


Thanks for the reply. I agree, a better explanation is helpful here understanding what is going on. Yea, frustrated is a good description for this.

The source is a partition on an SSD (Crucial_CT1024M550SSD1) but the destination was a standard HD. It took all night, over 14 hours, but said the image was successful. And yet I cannot find the actual results now.

When I look at the destination disk, the file “BOOTCAMP.winclone” is only 9KB large. That can’t possibly be right.(I ejected and remounted that drive just to be sure the directory was up to date.)

The original source is a 822 GB partition, NTFS file system, with 490,879,234 bytes used. It passes a disk check with no errors. The target was a 4 TB HD with 3.6TB of space available.

The target destination is an HFS+ drive for the image. I assume it does not have to be NTFS?

And I see you have a volume cloning disk to disk function, how exactly does that work? If I try and go from NTFS to a destination (slightly larger) ExFAT drive, that fails with “There was an error during the disk to disk clone. There may be a problem with one of the volumes or the disks.” I have no idea why that fails.

Your help is appreciated. I am sure this is all operator error now. And I am a technical guy, so I guess my frustration is higher here. Thanks.

I will add then when I selected the 9KB file for restore it did show a volume size much larger than the file. I am doing the restore now, and will report here when done. Thanks.

thanks. let me know what you find out. The finder sometimes does not update bundle file sizes, which is what a Winclone image is.


Thanks Tim. The restore JUST finished. That took a long time too. That was HD to SSD. Now I know how long it takes. I will be testing out the clone tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

I do have one more question: The partition copied was bootable. The copied destination is not. How come? And is there a way to make it bootable with this tool? Thanks.

Yes, it definitely should be bootable if the Mac supports that version of Windows. Under Tools in Winclone, you can select “EFI” or “Legacy” booting, and that sets the boot files.


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