Old MBPro with Bootcamp Win7 to new

I’ve got a 2012 MBPro running Catalina and a BootCamp partition running Win 7 Pro SP1. With the M1 Macs new on the market and the Intel architecture on the way out, it’s about time to buy a new Intel MBPro while they’re still available so I can continue to use BootCamp.

I used Winclone 5.7.6 to create the BC partition on my SSD when I moved from a HDD.

Winclone 9 seems to support only partitions back to Win 8.

Can I use Winclone 9 to move my Win 7 partition to a new partition on a new computer, or would I need to first update my Windows to Win 10?


The new macs and new Winclone only support Windows 10, so now is probably a good time to upgrade!


Thanks for the reply, Tim. I upgraded my BC installation to Win10 without any problems. Then…

I used WC9 to clone my BC partition to an external SSD
I booted my new MBP16 (2019) into recovery mode to enable booting from an external device.
I downloaded the WinSupport files on my new MBP, then copied them to a USB drive
On the old MBP, I used WC9 to inject the drivers from the USB drive to the external SSD
I attach the external SSD to the MBP16 and hold Option while booting to select the external BC drive.
And it doesn’t appear as a bootable drive… :thinking:

Where did I go wrong?


Not sure. It sounds like you followed the correct steps.