On MacBook High Sierra can't create Image from Volume

I bought recently Winclone Version 7.3 (not PRO).
I have a new Installed Windsows 10 Disk (bootable, size 2TB, free space 1,7TB).
Now I want replace this Disk with a SSD Disk with the size of 1TB.

My idea was as first step to store the a file Image from the Windows Disk (2TB) on a another disk with enough space.
As Second to shrink the file image and restore on the SSD target disk (bootable of course).

My problem start, that I’m not even able todo the first step.
My OSx recognize the Windows Disk and mount it.
But the step “create image from volume” don’t give as a selectable disk.

My MacBook is a 15-inch, 2017 Model, 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7, High Sierra 10.13.4.
With a external dual HD docking station.

What do I wrong?

Thank you!

This article may help: