One image that supports multiple MacBook models

I work for a large university and we used to use Winclone to build a single boot camp package to deploy to many different MacBook Pros/Airs.

When Winclone switched to version 6 and started using WIM based images we started seeing compatibility issues with different models. For example, if today using version 6.1.8, we build a boot camp package on a 2017 13" touch bar model it will work fine when deployed back to that model. But if I deploy that package to a 2017 13" MacBook Air the package will say it was successful but I’m left with an empty partition labeled “DOS” and the winclone_package.log is empty. If I take that same package to a 2012 13" Mac Book Pro (the model that Apple kept selling until 2015), the package will run and the data will be written to the boot camp partition but it won’t boot. SIP is disabled in all cases.

My question to the Winclone developers is, are the days gone where we should be able to build a single image that can be deployed to many different models or should I pursue this further?

I don,t know, but may be it hepls to be aware the new APS disk Systems at High Sierra OS.
Here the bootcamp partition no. is 3. In the former(elder) Systems it is 4… That means if you create a self installing package (pkg) with Winclone Pro, you must set the fitting pattition no.

The package does have an identifier that says which partition to install it on. However, if you select the option to create a partition, it still should work fine.

I would recommend doing a support issues on the Pro support link above and I can dig into the specific problems. I’ll then report back to the forums what we find.

Please submit the install logs with the request as well.