Online storage options

Hi folks! Just upgraded from ye olde Winclone 3.something to 7! Getting used to the new interface. Just completed my first BootCamp clone, and I am particularly excited about incremental backups!

I was curious what solutions folks had found to storing the big clone files. Mine is 200 GB, and of course, it will only get larger. There is currently room on my iMac’s hard drive, but that is far from ideal. My external backup drive is maxed out (I am going to purchase a new one when I can afford it). iCloud won’t backup a file over 50 GB. I started to compress the Winclone file, to see if that might help, but it said it would take 3 hours, so I cancelled it for now! Does “zipping” Winclone files cause any complications?

In short, I am wondering what, if any, online solutions folks had found for storing backups. I am guessing I would have to download it back to my iMac for an incremental backup?


Interesting idea. Most folks just purchase an external SSD. Very fast, and the prices are quite reasonable.


Thanks I guess, but I don’t need to be told what is “reasonable.” Also, I made reference to your suggestion in my original posting. More importantly, among the listed features for Winclone 7, you will find: "Supports saving to external or network storage.” The particulars as to how to realize this, however, are more difficult to find.

Even more importantly, if something terrible and not at all reasonable happens to your computer, the same terrible and not at all reasonable thing could easily happen to the external drive sitting next to it. For my main Mac, I back up to an external drive AND online.

Very wise. back years ago, I worked for a company where I managed the backup system (tape drive with Retrospect!). Over the weekend, someone smashed the corner window and stole the CEO’s computer. He was notorious for joining the network when he brought in his computer, so online backups were spotty. I come into the office on Monday morning and my boss, his boss, and the CEO are standing at my desk waiting for me. First thing they ask is “did you make a good backup on Friday?”. Nervously, I opened up Retrospect to check “last backup” and percent complete. With the 3 of them looking over my shoulder, Retrospect opens and there it is : 100% complete as for Friday after 5pm.