Operation Falied?

I get a message “Operation Failed” when I am about to make an Image - The message reads: "Save MBR failed ! Additional information <6572726f 72206f70 … 0a> What is wrong? Ihave done images many times before

It sounds like SIP is preventing reading the MBR. Try disabling:


Thanks for this reply. I found this article on how to disable here:

But I will try to get help from more experienced user than myself, to disable SIP

I posted a link as well to our support above that outlines how to do it.


Thanks - I missed that.
But what I do not understand is why do I need to disable SIP - since in the support tells me that:
"Note: Saving/creating a Winclone image does not require disabling SIP."
But I will (with a little help) try to disable - and then see if that solves my problem
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You do not need to disable SIP if you are on 10.13, Windows 10, and a recent Mac (generally 2013 or later).


OK Tim - Then the problem is not SIP - BUT maybe the problem is my version of Winclone. I checked and noticed that my version is 3.7 (3849) - when I click “check for updates” I get “Update Error - An error occurred in retrieving information, Please try again later” - When I check twocanoes.com I notices that the current version is 6. How do I upgrade my version?

I have now successfully upgraded Winclone to 6.2 (18054) - and after this all is well :slight_smile:

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