Optimum Package installation

Hello folks,

We’re at the beginning of our MDM journey, and i’m already excited about the options MDS gives us for stream lining our Macs.

We’d like to create the most forwardly-compatible workflows we can, so i was wondering what the best way of installing packages is. For the moment our situation is complicated by the fact we will likely have to mix Macs we manually enroll macs with others we can enroll via Apple Business manager.

Would the best practice to be to:

-set resources internally to an MDS via the packages window, then use that workflow to image/enroll the ones we can’t enroll via ABM

-Add packages to initial MDM profile for the machines for the machines we can enroll automatically

-After all the machines are setup, use Munki for future package management on these machines?

I’m conscious that Apple Sillicon has changed the way the recovery mode works so is it likely that we’ll still be able to use recovery mode to fully image a mac in the furture or might it be safer to set the macs up with the bare minimum initially and then use Munki to handle package deployment once the machines are up and running instead?

What you are proposing seems fine. As for doing a minimal install and then let munki take over, or have MDS deploy the packages is really a preference and how much you want to setup and configure Munki versus MDS packages.