Osxreserved backup

Which partition shall I make Backup in my Mac OSXRESERVED & BOOTCAMP are the two partition created when windows 10 was installed in my MacBook Pro 2017. Pls help.

That is strange that you should see the OSXRESERVED. It is created with the Windows installer by the boot camp assistant to install Windows. The next time macOS is booted, that partition is removed and the space added to the macOS volume.



I am explaining my issue with OSXRESERVED, In my MACBOOK PRO 2017, i had installed Windows 10 by using BOOTCAMP facility in Utility application of MAC OS by partioning the Hard disk in 2 parts one for MAC OS & Other for windows. WINDOWS 10 has been installed successfully & is presently running for 1 year. But I had found that in my MAC the hard disk has been partitioned in 3 parts automatically during installation of windows 10 ( though I had partitioned in 2 parts) 1 part named as MAC , 1 part named as BOOTCAMP & 3 one named as OSXRESERVED with 8mb size. This 3 rd one has been created automatically. Now on installing WINCLONE trial version while creating Backup for first time, in SOURCE drive it is showinh OSXRESERVED & BOOTCAMP. I want to know which one I have to take backup to restore bootcamp windows system restore in case my MAC crashes. In case I make backup of BOOTCAMP drive only whether it can restore windows system in case of failure of my MAC.

Based on your clarification I can plan to buy WINCLONE.