OWC Aura Pro X2

I just picked up a 2tb OWC Aura Pro X2 and want to clone my boot camp partition over to it using WinClone. However, I’m not seeing any success stories in the forum but only the opposite. Has anyone managed to succeed? If so, what were the key steps, if not, what’s the status on this? Do we know what’s causing the issue? Is this something that OWC needs to know about - is it a problem with their drive?

Thanks. Any guidance is welcome!

I have narrowed down the issue but would love to hear if someone has.


Thanks Tim. I found this link - Aura Pro X2 SSDs: Boot Camp Compatibility - in OWC knowledge-base and footnotes at the bottom of the drives product page stating:

  • Not compatible with Apple Boot Camp on MacBookPro11,1 or MacBookAir6,1 or MacBookAir6,2.
  • The Mac must be upgraded to macOS 10.13 or later prior to removal of the original SSD and installation of Aura Pro X2 SSD.

And it doesn’t appear to be a drive that utilizes the OWC Dual Boot Enabler.

In this post, the fellow seems to be having trouble with the 2013 Mac Pro which is not listed as one of the incompatible macs. In my case, it will be a 2015 Macbook Pro (MacBookPro11,4) I’d be attempting this on.

Tim, can I ask what Mac(s) you’ve tried?

I’m beginning to wonder if these drives will do boot camp at all - regardless of the mac or whether using WinClone or “from scratch” with the Boot Camp Assistant. If that’s the case, I’ll let OWC know and return the drive I just purchased. Unfortunately, I’m not in a place or time where I can afford to do any “experiments” with the transfer to the new drive or I’d report back my own findings. i was really hoping for at least one Boot Camp success story with the X2.

I’m a little concerned about the apparent lack of knowledge from OWC concerning this. When i asked them, they suggest using CarbonCC for cloning both OS X and the boot camp partition over to the new drive when CCC clearly states that this won’t work for the bootcamp partition.

my experience was similar.