Packages not installed due to "not being signed"

I am running into the problem. I am not creating anything custom. I am working from a fresh install of MDS 4 Beta on a fresh OS of Big Sur on one of the new A1 MacBooks Airs. I’m keeping my workflow super simple. No OS to install, just install two packages, Chrome and 4K video downloader and create an administrative account. No matter where I put the packages in the workflow, they will not install and when I look at the logs it says “pkg is not signed”. I’ve gone to “Packages” and clicked Select under “Signing Identity” but it just says “No Identities found”. Any ideas on how to move forward?

Also, does anyone know if it will be necessary to have Rosetta 2 installed to install most packages? If so, what is the best way to install Rosetta 2 during a workflow?

I just added in automatically installing rosetta to get around this issue. Try the latest build (40064 or later).