Please a Complete Step by step to boot, Please

I have watched many of your Youtube’s and followed in detail the descriptions for doing many things with Winclone 10.
Please do a Complete Image Save and Restore and Reboot. You kind of leave us hanging when upgrading a SSD. You show us how to Save an Image and How to Restore and Image, but leave out critical steps.

Please show a save, restore and reboot actually working Bootcamp, Please.

I had to piece the three together and it was not easy to find on your website.
I had to add to the save and restore image a make EFI bootable step to get everything working again.
Please do a video and description from start to final, please. Show it Booting! Your product is not much good if it doesn’t boot.

it is booting exactly in the same way how any Windows does, why do you need a video of booting Windows?

Because many times another step is needed to get it to boot. All you show is installation. As an example, I had to run the efi boot program in Winclone 10. Believe me the job is not always done by following your particle video and descrips. Show it actually working and booting as Bootcamp.


I never showed you any videos and never watched them
the program is intuitive enough and works that way it was designed to work
sure it works

We will have to agree to disagree.


“make EFI bootable step to get everything working again” as far as I understood it works. what kind of problem do you have?

What a sarcastic, smart-ass response. I hope this guy isn’t representative of all WINCLONE support employees.

No, just a user, like you. I cannot see a video of booting Windows in your answer, so why do you think your answer is better than mine and more useful for the previous user? :slight_smile:
To install Windows we need

  1. apply the image to the target drive
  2. make it bootable UEFI for new Mac, Legacy for old one
    if both things are done we shall see booting windows, in that step there is nothing related to WinClone, it is blue windows logo on the black background