Please help on my Boot Runner 3 setup

We need to schedule a dual-boot Mac to boot into Mac OS with Auto-login. We setup a boot runner 3 at a Mac mini with Mac OS 10.13.6. By following the setup guide, we are able to: Install software; install license; FileVault2 on with “Automatic Login” off; SIP on (csrutil enable --without nvram), and setup a profile.

After exporting and installing a profile to this machine, we are able to see this profile exists. However, this profile doesn’t function when we reboot this machine. Would you please help on troubleshooting this? Many thanks!

Boot Runner version 3.0

Please upgrade to Boot Runner 3.1.1 (the latest). Also, does it show up in Profiles in System Preferences?


Hi Tim,
Thank you for your help. I have made some progress on:

  1. I am able to download Boot Runner 3.1.
  2. The profile created in BR3.1 shows up in System Preferences.
  3. The Boot Runner selection screen appears after I logout from macOS and will boot into the mac login screen.

I am trying to figure out follows:

  1. The Boot Runner selection screen does not appear when I restart the machine manually.
  2. Is it possible to auto-login to a macOS account? Would Boot Runner allow us to schedule a time to login to a macOS account automatically?

It sounds like Autologin is enabled or that you have File Vault enabled (which in term autologs in at the login window).


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your help.
After turning off the File Vault, I am able to see the Boot Runner selection screen after rebooting.
Is it possible to run Boot Runner with File Vault enabled?

It is! See here: