Possible to go from Newer imac to older imac?


Perhaps a silly question here. I have a fleet of 2015 imacs that I am taking over at a new store we just purchased. Need to figure out a way to reimage these machines with bootcamp into windows 10 pro.

I don’t have any extra imacs that I can play with at the moment without taking someone down. I was considering buying a new 2017 imac, setting up windows 10 via bootcamp there, then using winclone to make a package for it after I sysprep it.

Is it possible to go from a new 21 inch imac to a 2015 21 inch imac?

It should be possible, but you you would have to do more work getting image ready with drivers and sysprep. I would recommend getting the same Mac used (ebay or the like) or finding time to create the image on one of those machines. It would simplify your life greatly.