Possible to restore Win10 from "windowsimagebackup" file on external drive?

Hi, I have Winclone 7.1.3. I confess I did not do “sys prep” before cloning the bootcamp partition. I also made the mistake of cloning to an external hard drive instead of my Mac desktop. So after the restore, when I tried to boot into Win10 I got a black screen and the error “devices missing or inaccessible”. I followed the procedure for injecting device drivers: 13 files were extracted and it said “operation successful”. But I still get the inaccessible device message.

Before starting all this, I had run the system image thingy in Windows, so I have a file called windowsimagebackup on a different external hard drive. Is it possible to restore this to the bootcamp partition? The only info I get from Microsoft is to run system repair from a “recovery” thumb drive, but of course that would reformat the entire internal hard drive and I’d lose my Mac partition.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I have tried this successfully:

  1. Download a trial of VMWare fusion.
  2. Boot from the Boot Camp partition.
  3. Install current Boot Camp drivers in VMWare Fusion.
  4. Run Sysprep and shutdown.
  5. Reboot into the Boot Camp partition.


Will that make the Winclone Restore work properly?

It will add the required drives to that the boot camp partition will boot.